Arrest Leads To Questions About Child Care Access In Arizona

Source: Mark Brodie, Steve Goldstein | KJZZ
April 11, 2014

This week, a Scottsdale woman pleaded not guilty to child abuse charges, after being arrested for allegedly leaving her two year old and six-month old kids in her truck. But there is a bit more to this story than that. Shanesha Taylor has said she was at a job interview at the time, and that’s led to some questions about the state of access to child care in Arizona.

Erin Raden, the executive director of the Arizona Child Care Association, said it is pretty dismal. She hears stories all the time about parents not being able to work, because they don’t have a safe place to leave their kids.

For another perspective, we turn to Karyn Parker. She is the executive director of Phoenix Day, which has a child care center in South Phoenix. She said once the state froze child care subsidies, she lost around 30 kids within a few months.

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