New Requirements for DES Certified Family Home Providers

By June 30, 2016, ALL DES Certified Family Child Care Home Providers must attend the DES Pre-Service Health & Safety Training Series per federal requirements. To verify you’ve received the training, you must become a member of Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry.

Sign up for the Registry online by visiting  Your registry identification number will be required to attend the series. Your identification number is a XXX-XXX-XXX format.

To Register for a series in the Registry:

1. Go the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry’s website at:

2. Login in to your account, or if you do not have one complete the registration process.

3. Click on “Find PD Event”

4. Search by “Course Title” for “DES  Pre-Service” or by “County”

5. Select the event of your choice, then click “View Event”.

6. When the event appears click on “Enroll Now”